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Week 47 was active due to awaked market in respect of citruses

Week 47 was active due to awaked market in respect of citruses. Despite of large arrivals – 11500 pallets from Southern hemisphere and almost 14 000 pallets from Morocco – the activity in week 47 shifted heavily to citrus side. Stormy weather on Black Sea kept a slight shortage on the market for Turkish and Israeli production. Some snowfalls in Ural limited the trade in the beginning of the week but the end of it was active enough.

The price for South African oranges starts to go slightly up following the demand from all over the country. In week 47 it returned to the level of week 45 – 1,07 $/kg for South African fruits which were dominating the market. Turkish oranges couldn’t be brought in quantities due to weather problems in the south so have not been seen in Saint-Petersburg or Moscow. Argentina was still available from last vessel – 0,96 $/kg.

In the beginning of the week 47 prices went down to 2,47 $/kg in the south. It happened due to delays with discharge in Novorossijsk during what the products packed in a hurry for the high market were loosing quality. Anyway this price was still enormous high. Saint-Petersburg repeated the trend staying 0,20 $/kg more expensive due to inland transportation. In the end of the week prices started to climb again as the delays on Black Sea remained.

Moroccan clementinas changed the trend upwards. In week 47 the demand prevailed the offer so prices were starting from 1,60 $/kg level up. Turkish mandarins were offered in range 1,36 – 1,44 $/kg.

Spanish grapefruits were welcome on the market in week 47 due to shortage and small calibers in Israeli and Turkish productions. However the importers were quick with reaction so prices went down from 2,60 $/kg in the beginning of the week to 2,33 $/kg. Turkish grapefruits stayed on 1,56 $/kg level in the south of the country. Chinese pomelos had a stable balanced market on level 1,40 $/kg.

The demand has increased for Serbian apples, especially for Granny Smith. Price increased to 1,44 $/kg level. Ida Red was welcome as well - 1,315 $/kg. As it was not much small size apples of this variety in Serbia they have been brought from Poland – 1,11 $/kg. The next were Chinese apples – yellowish and green colors on level 1,44 $/kg. Among European apples the leader in sales volumes was Jonagold on level 1,75 $/kg. French Granny and Golden had their market as well in range 1,58 – 1,645 $/kg. Red Chief variety has eventual demand as well – 1,81 $/kg.

Due to large arrival from Europe the sales in week 47 became slow. The only moving on the market variety was Conference but anyway slow. Size 55+ was on 1,40 $/kg level, 75+ - 1,60 $/kg. Chinese pears were running more active staying on 1,19 $/kg.

The white grapes from Italy are not strong anymore. Prices were about 2,75 $/kg. The shortage was observed on Red Globe variety which was more expensive – 2,82 $/kg. Turkish Sultana went up in Moscow to 2,14 $/kg. Iranian followed – 2,015 $/kg. The very last black grapes from Moldova had it’s market as well.

Again the balance between the offer and demand was rather Ok. Iranian large size kiwis were sold in range 1,81 – 1,89 $/kg, Italian small/medium sizes – 1,73 – 1,88 $/kg.

After two weeks of very slow market the demand for pomegranates has come back. Though prices were still low : 1,44 – 1,64 $/kg but the sales turned more active. The demand remained on Iranian fruits : 2,26 $/kg due to size and coloration.

Tomatoes after strong pressure from Moroccan side has gone up to 2,125 $/kg. But there are more vessels in the harbor with tomatoes so the pressure can come back soon. Cucumbers were sold on 2,56 $/kg level. Capsicums were in demand as Israeli ones started to arrive on the market and were welcome with prices from 3,95 $/kg level up.

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