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Brunei: Efforts on to boost vegetable production in the country

The agricultural sector in Brunei Darussalam is considered as a potential area in contributing to the country`s economy and ensuring the national food security.
In light of the world`s food deficit and the escalating price of food in the world market, His Majesty through his Titah repeatedly reminded the country to focus on the agricultural sector so that Brunei Darussalam`s self sufficiency in food production could be realised.

Among the primary food commodities which are essential for citizens as a day-to-day consumption in this country are rice, eggs, poultry meat, beef, seafood, vegetables and fruits. Through local production and importation, the government is gearing its efforts towards ensuring the availability of good quality food, which are made available to the citizens at an affordable price.

Since vegetable is one of the basic components in the human daily diet, the vegetable production sector has been identified as a priority in order to ensure continuous production and availability throughout the year. The per-capita consumption of vegetables was in the range of 50.0 - 51.5 kg/year for the period of 2004-2008.

In recent years, tremendous progress has been made in increasing the production and achieving self-sufficiency in selected tropical vegetable production through the formulation and implementation of policies and programmes in order to encourage more farmers to be involved in production activities by adopting improved production technologies and practices.

Status of vegetable area, total production and its percentage to total consumption, retail value for the period 2004-2008

The production of most tropical vegetables has increased and considerable percentage of self-sufficiency was achieved due to favourable conditions like soil fertility, rainfall distribution and other factors, which are critical for its success.

Among the tropical vegetables, 15 of them have been given top priority based on the demand which include cucumber, leafy vegetables (sawi, kangkong, bayam, and others) long bean, eggplant, looffa, chilli, tomato, wax gourd, okra and bitter gourd. A total amount of 87.2 per cent of the national requirement on tropical vegetables was achieved through local production during 2008 as compared to 60.6 per cent during 2004.

Source: brudirect.com

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