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Top Stories and Events - International Channel
Fruit Attraction,2015 (New) [04-May-2015]
FRUIT ATTRACTION 2015, the must-attend event for Pakistani exporters of fruit and vegetable industry, to be held from 28-30th October 2015 at Feria De Madrid, Madrid-Spain....More
PHDEC Mango consignment to Bulgaria (New) [20-Nov-2014]
Bulgaria can become a major market for Pakistani mangoes and exporters should take benefit of suitable opportunities to expand their business...More
Special American Business Internship Training (SABIT) [26-Aug-2014]
Special American Business Internship Training (SABIT)...More
Interfood Jakarta- Indonesia November 12-15, 2014 (New) [16-Jul-2014]
TDAP Offers an excellent opportunity to showcase your products and develop business with international buyers through this fair....More
PHDEC Participates in Fruit Logistica 2013 [13-Feb-2013]
LAHORE: Pakistan Horticul-ture Development and Export Company (PHDEC), Ministry of Commerce Government of Pakistan has participated in Fruit Logistica 2013....More
Ghana: Tomato farmers cry inspite of bumper harvest[31-Dec-2009]
There is a bumper harvest for tomato growers in parts of the country but the farmers are unhappy because of what they describe as ‘a perennial glut situation’....More
AU: New climate change projects for apples, pears and avocados[31-Dec-2009]
What will be the effects of predicted temperature increases on fruit crops in the future? How will climate policies like the federal government’s proposed Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme affect farm businesses?...More
China: Veggie prices rise 15%[23-Dec-2009]
Vegetable prices have gone up by an average of 15 percent in the last two or three days because of the drop in the temperature....More
US: Spell says grants sought for sweet potato farmers[20-Nov-2009]
Mississippi Commissioner of Agriculture Lester Spell said he is “very familiar with the situation in Vardaman” and hopes to have disaster relief available within the next three-to-four months....More
AU: Mango exporters find cheaper alternative in shipping[20-Nov-2009]
SHIPPING may be used as a cheap alternative for Queensland mango exporters who want to boost their trade in Japan. ABC News reported during the mango season a single mango sells for $100 in Japan....More
‘Banana wars’ deal may be signed this week[20-Nov-2009]
The “banana wars”, the longest running dispute in the history of the World Trade Organisation (WTO), is close to being settled....More
AU: Mango season lacks usual magic[20-Nov-2009]
As you read this, the North Queensland mango season harvest is moving into full swing....More
AU: FNQ mango industry being deserted[20-Nov-2009]
A Far North Queensland mango grower says up to half the plantations in his region have been abandoned this year because they aren`t profitable....More
India: Govt to set up radiation plant for mango export[20-Nov-2009]
Gujaratis settled abroad will no longer have to go without the succulent varieties of Kesar mangoes from Talala and Kutch from next season....More
US: Study of alternate bearing presents recommendations for citrus growers[05-Nov-2009]
Alternate bearing (also called biennial or uneven bearing) is the tendency of fruit trees to produce a heavy crop one year (called `on-crop`) followed by a light crop or no crop the following `off-crop` year. On-crop trees produce a large number of small ...More
Brunei: Efforts on to boost vegetable production in the country[05-Nov-2009]
The agricultural sector in Brunei Darussalam is considered as a potential area in contributing to the country`s economy and ensuring the national food security. ...More
India: Eat bananas, wear them too[05-Nov-2009]
A weaver in Tamil Nadu has come up with saris made from the fibre of banana stems, and a host of other natural products, apparently taking the cue from his counterparts in Bengal....More
US: Rising orange juice prices boost ETFs[05-Nov-2009]
The threat of a swine flu outbreak has the potential to impact numerous areas of the domestic and international equity markets: pharmaceutical companies could get a big boost, or see their efforts to develop vaccines go largely unrewarded. ...More
Reefer train service from Spain to the UK on track for savings[05-Nov-2009]
For the first time, a weekly rail service from Valencia, Spain, to Great Britain’s Ford Dagenham railhead offers an environmentally friendly means for importing fresh Spanish produce. In conjunction with rail operator DB Schenker, the new Stobart Rail tra...More
Mozambique’s Manica province expects to export 700 tonnes of bananas to Europe[09-Sep-2009]
Mozambique’s Manica province may export this year, around 700 tonnes of bananas to Europe, according to the office fo provincial governor Maurício Vieira....More
Zimbabwe: New horticulture farmers need to be equipped[09-Sep-2009]
Zimbabwe`s horticulture landscape is currently going through a period of metamorphosis from one dominated by large-scale commercial producers to an industry that has opened its doors to small-scale to medium producers, the bulk of whom are making their de...More
Ghana: Tomato farmers worried over glut, diseases[09-Sep-2009]
Tomato farmers in the region are entertaining fears of the likely repetition of a glut, diseases and poor marketing of their products....More
China reduced fruits and vegetables exports to Russia[09-Sep-2009]
China reduced the export of fruits and vegetables to Russia in the first half of 2009. The volume of vegetables exported to Russia decreased by 6,5% compared to the same period last year and amounted to $95.37 million; fruit imports fell by 7,6% - to $7.1...More
Georgia: Apple growers count losses, seek help[09-Sep-2009]
The Georgian Bay Fruit Growers group is seeking federal-provincial tornado disaster relief funds and any other help governments will provide....More
US: Apple growers to release successor to Honeycrisp[09-Sep-2009]
Tim Byrne picked an apple from the spindly tree, sliced it and popped a chunk into his mouth. He couldn`t have been more pleased as he chomped and got a juicy blast of sweet-tart flavor....More
US: Discarded watermelons could be new source of biofuel[09-Sep-2009]
Imperfect watermelons could be turned into ethanol and used to fuel farm equipment, adding one more fuel source to the do-it-yourself and green fuel movements....More
US: Discarded watermelons could be new source of biofuel[09-Sep-2009]
Imperfect watermelons could be turned into ethanol and used to fuel farm equipment, adding one more fuel source to the do-it-yourself and green fuel movements....More
Mozambique’s Citrum exports citrus fruits to Europe[13-Jul-2009]
Mozambican company Citrum exported 1,400 tonnes of oranges and grapefruit to the European market during the current campaign (2008-2009), according to the chairman of the Office to Support Small Investments (GAPI), António Souto....More
India: Govt to sell potato to consumers[13-Jul-2009]
In a desperate move to bring down skyrocketing prices of essential commodities, the state government today decided to sell potato directly to the consumers from retail markets at a lower price....More
AU: Calling all tropical fruit growers - help develop your industry [13-Jul-2009]
Tropical fruit growers in North Queensland and the Northern Territory are being urged to contribute to a strategic plan that will accelerate the growth of the exotic fruit industry....More
Nepal: Veggie prices double in a month[13-Jul-2009]
In Kathmandu Valley some vegetables and fruits today cost twice as much as they did a month ago. And some vegetables are ten times more expensive than they were last year....More
AU: World record broken in banana snap competition[13-Jul-2009]
A far north Queenslander has given new meaning to `banana split` by unofficially breaking a world record for snapping the most ripe bananas in 60 seconds....More
USDA organizes training workshops on “Grades and Standards of Agricultural Products in Serbia”[19-May-2009]
The Office of the Foreign Agriculture Service at the U.S. Embassy in Belgrade, in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture of Serbia, will organize training workshops on “Grades and Standards of Agricultural Products in Serbia”, and will be he...More
India: Not a welcome weather change for Valsad mango farmers[07-Apr-2009]
Mango farmers of Gundlav and other villages in Valsad district are a worried lot due to extreme changes in the weather....More
US: Citrus fruit sale now underway[17-Mar-2009]
Five tons of freshly picked oranges and grapefruit have been shipped north from Florida`s Indian River region and into cold storage here in Harvard....More
Iran: Tariffs on Apple imports have been reduced [29-Dec-2008]
“According to the common policies of the ministries of trade and agricultural jihad, tariffs on apple imports are fallen to 4 percent every year (in the beginning of the month Dey),” said an official in the ministry of trade....More
Bangladesh: Vegetable growers deprived of fair price for lack of cold storage in Shariatpur[20-Nov-2008]
Vegetable growers are deprived of fair prices of their produce due to lack of cold storage facility in the district. A large chunk of the produce is taken to different areas of the country by local traders during the peak harvesting season buying at ...More
Meco seeking to gain access for RP fruits to Taiwan market[20-Nov-2008]
The Manila Economic and Cultural Office (Meco) is now seeking to gain access for Philippine fresh mangoes, bananas and papayas to the Taiwan market starting next year. Resident representative Antonio Basilio, Meco managing director, said Meco, wit...More
Iran: 145 thousand tons of Date was harvested in Jirouft[20-Nov-2008]
Date harvest was started since the beginning of the month Shahrivar and will continue until the end of the current week and it’s anticipated that over 145 thousand tons of Date will be harvested. “Date harvest from the palms of Jirouft is being fi...More
MECO to push for papaya, mango, banana exports to Taiwan in 2009[20-Nov-2008]
In a move to raise the level of agricultural market access for the country’s tropical fruits, the Manila Economic and Cultural Office (MECO)in Taipei hopes to export the Philippines’ succulent papayas, fresh mangoes and bananas to Taiwan starting ...More
Potato researchers get $200,000 to find ways to help grow disease-resistant crops in Maine[20-Nov-2008]
A University of Maine potato project attempting to make new varieties recently received a $200,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The project aims to make potato varieties that can withstand disease - along with other desirable tra...More
Australia: Mango production down[20-Nov-2008]
The mango season in the Far North has kicked-off early but production of the region`s popular Kensington Pride is down by a third on last year`s crop. Growers in the Mareeba and Dimbulah are picking weeks earlier than normal, which has thrown up a ...More
Newlyn farmer among first to finish potato diploma[21-Aug-2008]
Ballarat district potato growers can advance their skills in Australia`s first potato production diploma. The diploma has been created in a bid to address the gap in management-level training specifically for the potato industry. ...More
US: Students to bag 40,000 pounds of potatoes[14-Jul-2008]
If you`re ready for a pre-Thanksgiving yam fix, head toward the Virginia Tech Duck Pond this weekend. On Saturday, a truck will unload 40,000 pounds of sweet potatoes that a group of about 80 Southwest Virginia students and Virginia Tech staff will ...More
Hong Kong prepares to welcome Asia Fruit Logistica[30-Jun-2008]
More than 175 exhibitors from all over the world are scheduled to take part at Asia Fruit Logistica in Hong Kong in mid September. Companies and organisations from 28 different countries worldwide have signed up to showcase their products and services at...More
India: Himachal`s apple production to fall by 33% this year[15-May-2008]
The Himachal Pradesh government is expecting almost 33 per cent fall in apple production this year, compared to last year`s output as unfavourable weather condition is affecting the production of the fruit. `This year we are not anticipating bumper crop a...More
Tracing Florida Mangoes` Family Tree[15-May-2008]
A traditional crop in India and Southeast Asia for centuries, as well as in tropical regions of Central and South America, mangoes are also grown today in Florida, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Over the past dozen years, Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scie...More
US: Citrus Tax Reform Postponed for Year[14-Apr-2008]
The Florida Department of Citrus on Wednesday abandoned efforts to reform state citrus taxes this year after leaders at Florida Citrus Mutual, the state`s largest growers group, called for a delay. Ken Keck, the department`s executive director, said the l...More
International Fruit Juice Industry Teams up with GlobalGAP[14-Apr-2008]
GlobalGAP and SGF International E.V. announce their cooperation. SGF will recommend its fruit processing members to buy with preference from GLOBALGAP certified producers....More
Americans grow fruits, vegetables as a way to cut grocery bills[26-Mar-2008]
Americans finding soaring food prices hard to stomach are battling back by growing their own food. Home vegetable gardens appear to be booming as a result of the twin movements to eat local and pinch pennies. Although the 2008 planting season is still lar...More
MAFC to Sell 20,000 tons of vegetables & fruits a year to Singapore[09-Feb-2008]
Malaysian Agrifood Corporation Bhd (MAFC) is to expand the market for its vegetables and fruits to Singapore, targeting annual sales there of 20,000 metric tons from this year. Executive director Mohd Pahmi Mokhtar said today the exports to the island sta...More
India: Dry dates, copra up on short supply[09-Feb-2008]
Prices of dry dates and copra hardened in the range of Rs 100-150 per quintal in the dry fruit market today on heavy purchases by stockists in anticipation of lower output in southern regions. Dry dates-red increased by Rs 100 to conclude at Rs 2,600-6,10...More
US: Fruit and vegetable growers to host annual meeting[22-Jan-2008]
Leaders in fruit and vegetable production will converge in Marshalltown Thursday and Friday at the annual meeting of the Iowa Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association. The two-day IFVGA conference will attract 150 to 200 people to the Best Western Regency...More
US: Apple demand awaits tight supplies[22-Jan-2008]
Beautiful, tasty apples lead to beautiful, tasty prices, especially when there are fewer of those apples to meet a strong consumer demand, according an organization that tracks sales for the U.S. apple industry. The apple industry began the new year with...More
Netherlands: Vers Direct Teelt (VDT) starts a Crop Protection and Residues Information System (GRIS) with Groeinet[22-Jan-2008]
The demand for up to date information about the plant protection products used and the checks made on residues is growing in the sale of fruit and vegetables. This is why VDT, the VDN growers association, has asked Groeinet to develop an information syste...More
Australia: Mareeba mango growers struggle this season[22-Jan-2008]
Mango growers from Mareeba in far north Queensland say they are experiencing one of their worst seasons in a long time. Cartons of mangoes are selling for as little as $4 in southern markets, but farmers need about $12 just to break even. The district`s F...More
NZ: Scanner spots diseased potatoes[22-Jan-2008]
A New Zealand company is helping United States potato growers save millions of dollars by spotting diseased potatoes before they are turned into chips. A disease known as zebra chip is causing big problems for potato growers, who face having entire loads...More
Philippines: P.9M allotted to revive Balbalan oranges[22-Jan-2008]
There is a new hope for citrus growers of the famous Kalinga Oranges commonly known as `gayunan` in this town after the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) and the local government unit (LGU) allotted through a Memorandum of Agreement P990,00...More
Taiwan food fair held in Indonesian markets[22-Jan-2008]
A traveling fair featuring Taiwanese fruits and other agricultural products is being held at a number of supermarkets in Indonesia, introducing Taiwan`s produce to the southeast country`s upper middle class and Chinese-speaking groups, a spokesman for the...More
Russia rejected to cancel the ban for fruit and vegetable imports from Poland[22-Jan-2008]
Russia will fully lift restrictions for the supplies of plant products from Poland imposed in November 2005 because of the detected pesticides. Mr. Alexey Gordeyev, the Minister of Agriculture of Russian Federation shared this information with the journal...More
India keen to export mangoes to Australia[22-Jan-2008]
India on Friday said it wants to sell mangoes to Australia from next season and asked the country to remove non-tariff barrier for facilitating export of its agricultural, dairy and poultry products. `India is looking forward to exporting mangoes to Austr...More
US: Farmers plan to plant more strawberries[22-Jan-2008]
You may notice more California-grown strawberries on the market, especially next fall. An annual survey by the California Strawberry Commission shows farmers plan to increase acreage by 3% this year. Acreage intended for fall harvest will rise nearly 8 pe...More
Florida orange crop estimate holds at 168 million boxes[22-Jan-2008]
Despite the recent nights where temperatures dipped below freezing, Florida`s 2007-08 orange crop estimate remained unchanged at 168 million boxes, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture which released a revised citrus forecast Friday....More
Storing potatoes and onions using Restrain System[27-Dec-2007]
Ten years ago in England, a vision was created: storage without chemicals for potatoes and onions. A group of dedicated growers spent over 6 years learning, testing and perfecting new storage techniques with ethylene gas. Since 2003, the experience and pa...More
Ambrosia is an outstanding new apple variety`[17-Dec-2007]
Tholen - In the 1980`s, Wilfrid and Sally Mennell discovered a tree bearing unusual apples in their orchard in the Similkameen Valley in British Columbia, Canada. They had replanted Jonagold trees in an area that previously contained plums and occasionall...More
US: Drought worries citrus farmers[17-Dec-2007]
Citrus growers have so far been relieved that the destructive torrents of rain and wind from hurricanes are absent from the mix of factors affecting this year`s crop....More
No Change in Orange Forecast[17-Dec-2007]
WASHINGTON - Dec 11/07 - SNS -- The U.S. all orange forecast for the 2007-08 season is 9.83 million tons, unchanged from the October 1 forecast but 29% higher than the 2006-07 final utilization of 7.59 million tons, according to the USDA latest crop produ...More
Brazil: Small farmers in state of Bahia export mangoes[26-Nov-2007]
After working for a year in order to obtain a Fair Trade certification and thus enable exports of mango produced in the municipality of Juazeiro, in the northeastern Brazilian state of Bahia, small farmers in Associação Manga Brasil (`Mango Brazil Associa...More
Exosect Announces Field Trial Results from English Grown Organic Apples[26-Nov-2007]
Exosect, a leading provider of Intelligent Pest Management solutions today announced the results of its Exosex CM active mating disruption technology for the damaging codling moth as trialled by the specialist English top fruit marketers Norman Collett Li...More
Week 47 was active due to awaked market in respect of citruses[26-Nov-2007]
Week 47 was active due to awaked market in respect of citruses. Despite of large arrivals – 11500 pallets from Southern hemisphere and almost 14 000 pallets from Morocco – the activity in week 47 shifted heavily to citrus side. Stormy weather on Black Sea...More
ASAJA Murcia has concerns on the increase of citrus production from Egypt[26-Nov-2007]
ASAJA Murcia has some concerns on the increase of production area for citrus in Egypt. At the campaign 2006/2007 Egypt produced in an area of 134,385 hectares. This is an annual increase of 6000 to 8000 hectares. Most of this area is dedicated to Navels a...More
India: Delicious apple in sweet demand on outside markets[20-Nov-2007]
Despite several hiccups in transporting the fruit to outside, the Valley so far has exported a whopping quantity of fruit while witnessing huge demand for Delicious variety. Apple traders said the demand for the Delicious had been more as compared to othe...More
Philippines: Dried mango exports grow 74%[20-Nov-2007]
The Philippines` dried mango exports increased by 73.86 percent, amounting to $7.252 million in the first seven months of 2007 as the country gained new markets in 12 countries, figures of the Department of Agriculture show....More
Farmers coop reaps sweet success from Carabao mango[20-Nov-2007]
Farmer-members of the Tiblawan Fisherfolk and Farmers Multi-Purpose Cooperative (TIFFARMCO) in Tiblawan, Davao Oriental found ways to possibly contribute to the high demand for mangoes....More
300 thousand tons of Apples have been stored in Iran’s city Orumieh[20-Nov-2007]
“300 thousand tons of Apples out of 700 thousand tons of the whole harvested amount of this commodity have been stored in the province West Azerbaijan for balancing the market in the late months of the year,” said Omid Salari, Executive of the Cooperative...More
Price for Chinese apple are increasing in Russia[15-Nov-2007]
The representatives of wholesale companies inform the experts of `Agrooglyad: Fruits and Vegetables` project that the prices for Chinese apple are increasing in Russia. This situation is the most vivid in Siberian Federal Okrug through which the main supp...More
India: no takers for local oranges[07-Nov-2007]
The Indian orange is yet to catch the attention of foreign and domestic companies as all the major players of the orange beverage segment use only imported pulp as a raw material. Dabur, the leader in orange based packaged juices with a 54 percent market...More
RioFruta uses strategic changes to take advantages in the citrus exports[07-Nov-2007]
Barranquilla – Agrícola RioFruta with 300 hectares located in the Brazilian regions of the Valle de San Francisco and Rio de Janeiro produces citrus for exports and a small amount for the local market. In 2001 began with livestock and exports of melons bu...More
US: Frozen Orange Juice Special[01-Nov-2007]
The bull market in Orange Juice ended in 2007. At least that is what the monthly chart appears to show. The unprecedented run up in prices that began in 2004 peaked earlier this year as the 06/07 Florida orange harvest yielded a paltry 128.9 million boxes...More
US: Citrus harvesting season gaining speed[01-Nov-2007]
With Tropical Storm Noel on a track to spare Florida a late season slap, the state`s citrus growers, juice processors and fresh-fruit shippers celebrated Monday as the harvesting season gains speed....More
Canadian apple lovers will find wide variety to choose from this harvest[01-Nov-2007]
This year`s crop of Canadian-grown apples are making their mark, not only for quality but also for the many varieties now available to shoppers. Names like Honey Crisp, Fuji, Ambrosia and Crispin are becoming familiar from the major apple-growing regions...More
California citrus research program renewed until 2012[26-Oct-2007]
The state’s citrus industry has overwhelmingly approved the continuation of the California Citrus Research Program which funds research on the propagation, production, harvesting, handling and preparation for market of fresh California citrus. Established...More
US: Organic apple grower: Results worth the effort[26-Oct-2007]
For seven years, Stan Silverman has been producing fruit in an “organic” way, meaning that chemical sprays are strictly regulated and farming techniques dramatically altered from those used in other orchards. The result for Silverman, an unabashed graduat...More
US: Apple harvest appears to be one of the best[26-Oct-2007]
This fall`s apple harvest is unusually good due to the cold winter, apple growers are reporting. Vince Gizdich of Gizdich Ranch said his 48 acres have never been as bountiful. `It`s a beautiful, beautiful crop,` he said. `Some of the old guys around here...More
Florida Citrus Growers ask Congress for help[12-Oct-2007]
If Congress doesn’t fix the country’s agricultural labor problem thousands of family farms and the nation’s domestic food supply are at risk, a Florida citrus grower told the House Agriculture Committee....More
Verdefresco: Italian fresh-cut fruit to expand on the European market[12-Oct-2007]
Verdefresco is a firm located in the Italian region of Campania, which is specialized in the production of fresh-cut fruit for vending machines. These products are sold under the Beautysun brand. Now the company is looking at expanding its share on the Eu...More
Argentina: Carleti, a firm with a heart of cherry celebrates 50th anniversary[12-Oct-2007]
Barranquilla – More than 50 years ago the family Carleti began with the production of fruits. Officially, the day of its 50th anniversary was the 6th of October. In the 50s, Mario Cairo a powerful grower of apples in Argentina and those days customer of t...More
Supplies of Chinese fruits to Russia increased sharply in September[08-Oct-2007]
The growth trend of fruit and vegetable exports via custom checkpoint Suyfenkhe in Heyluntszyan province (Northern-Eastern China) was resumed in September, Sinkhua agency informs. According to custom statistics, during the first ten days of September arou...More
Australia: Tray of mangoes fetches $15,000[08-Oct-2007]
A Toowong fruiterer has been crowned Mango King after paying $15,00 for the season`s first symbolic tray of mangoes....More
Kenya starts greenhouse tomato farming[08-Oct-2007]
Kenya has started greenhouse production of tomatoes, raising hopes that the popular vegetable will become available throughout the year at affordable prices....More
First mangoes fetch $15,000 at Brisbane Markets auction[08-Oct-2007]
Robby Guardala of Fruity Capers Toowong has been crowned Mango King 2007 after paying $15,000 for the season’s symbolic ‘first tray’ of mangoes at the tenth annual Brisbane Markets Mango Auction....More
The Greenery presents innovations in the sphere of modern fruit&vegetable trade[08-Oct-2007]
The members of the second international conference `Fruits&Vegetable Business of Russia 2007. Wealth of New Opportunities` will learn about the experience of European largest company and one of the world largest companies which works in the sphere of vege...More
Scientists claim citrus originated in Australasia[03-Oct-2007]
Scientists at the Centre for Plant and Food Science at the University of Western Sydney have questioned the long-established perception that citrus originated in Southeast Asia. They believe it may have originated closer to home - in Australia, New Caledo...More
Australia: New citrus treatment to lift export quality[03-Oct-2007]
A breakthrough in treatment of citrus fruit destined for the important Japanese market should help lift income for Riverina, NSW, growers. The Japanese market is classed as one of the major destinations for fruit grown in the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area...More
UC publishes orange, walnut production cost guides[03-Oct-2007]
The University of California has published two new studies that examine the cost of producing oranges and walnuts....More
US: Area apple harvest soars despite drought[03-Oct-2007]
Small and sweet. That`s what growers say consumers can expect of the apple crop this harvest season in western New York. The unusually dry summer resulted in smaller fruit this year, said Peter Gregg, spokesman for the New York Apple Association. But the...More
Ukraine: banana prices have doubled in three weeks[27-Sep-2007]
The representatives of the wholesale companies inform the specialists of CIS produce business periodical, `Agrooglyad: Vegetables and Fruits` weekly, according to the results of the recent three weeks the prices for bananas have increased almost twofold....More
Apple harvest may exceed tentative producers` forecasts in Ukraine[27-Sep-2007]
According to the preliminary estimations, done by the analysts of CIS produce business periodical, `Agrooglyad: Vegetables and Fruits` weekly, apple harvest in Ukraine may significantly exceed the tentative expectations of the producers despite of the unf...More
Analysis Confirms Pure Fruit Technologies` Mango-xan Offers More than 100 Percent Mangosteen Alternative[27-Sep-2007]
With the category of mangosteen fruit juice supplements rapidly growing and several new formulations hitting the market, consumer confusion has risen as to which products are the most beneficial. A recently completed analysis conducted by Covance Labs com...More
US: Right-To-Farm Issue Pitting Beekeepers Against Citrus Growers[27-Sep-2007]
The seeds of controversy have filtered into several valley orchards. Now the state is looking into solving an uneasy co-existence between mandarin growers and beekeepers. The mandarins in one Woodlake orchard are shaping up nicely. They won`t be harvested...More
India: mango export may turn sour for the exchequer[20-Sep-2007]
This would surely leave a bitter aftertaste. After much hullabaloo about India`s landmark breakthrough in exporting mangoes to the US after a gap of 18 years, here comes the bad news. The exercise would cost the exchequer more than $2.27 million next year...More
Australia: NT mango harvest short of worker[20-Sep-2007]
HARVEST season is about to start but finding enough workers to pick the Territory`s mangoes is difficult. This year growers will look to backpackers and southern contractors to provide the workforce....More
Orange growers grateful for chance to pick fruit early[20-Sep-2007]
Martin Castillo pushed away the branches and wiggled in until he disappeared into the orange tree where he could load up his bag with more than 200 pieces of the juicy fruit. In five hours Thursday afternoon, Castillo picked thousands of the navel oranges...More
Farm donates apple crop to the hungry[20-Sep-2007]
Billiam von Roestenberg has been leasing many of the 700 apple trees in the Clintondale orchard at his Liberty View Farm for $50 per year. Now, he has donated the organically grown fall fruit crop from a number of trees to feed the homeless. Von Roestenbe...More
India: Himachal Pradesh apple production likely to increases by 150 pc[13-Sep-2007]
Apple production in Himachal Pradesh is likely to more than double this year to 2.5 crore boxes from about one crore boxes last year, traders and farmers say. `The apple harvest, which began in July in Himachal Pradesh, indicates production to be in the r...More
Apple harvest to increase 3% in EU-15[13-Sep-2007]
Ebronisze.pl portal informs, apple harvest will increase up to 6.84 mln. tons in EU-15 in 2007 (to compare: 6.65 mln. tons of apples were harvested in 2006). The increasing apple harvest is forecasted for all countries but for Portugal, Belgium, Denmark a...More
WA fruit growers facing threats[13-Sep-2007]
It’s a two-edged sword. On one hand, Western Australia’s fruit growers are in hot water. On the other, water is a hot issue for them. Diane Fry, president of the WA Fruit Growers’ Association (WAFGA), told the organisation’s AGM the local industry was un...More
India: agri hub to boost Andhra’s mango trade[13-Sep-2007]
Mango and other fruits trade in Andhra Pradesh will witness a major change soon following the construction of an agri hub at Nuzvidu in Krishna district. Foundation stone for the project was laid on Saturday and the agri hub will facilitate export of mang...More
Davao mango producers appeal for gov`t help[13-Sep-2007]
Davao mango producers are asking the government to assist them in coming up with marketing contracts. Ednar Dayanghirang, president of Davao Region Mango Contractors Association (Daremca) during the Club 888 Forum held at The Marco Polo Hotel on Wednesday...More
New ID bulletins should help potato growers[13-Sep-2007]
Managing and controlling potato diseases is a complex task for growers, but thanks to efforts by plant pathologists at Michigan State University, their job has gotten a bit easier....More
Oriental fruit flies found in Los Angeles[13-Sep-2007]
Oriental fruit flies have been found near the Los Angeles Harbor, prompting county crews to set traps to kill the pest. The Los Angeles County Department of Agriculture found a fly Tuesday in Harbor City. Three additional flies were found there and in Ro...More
India: ‘Banana village’ tells a success story[05-Sep-2007]
It is a story of rags to riches. Budhia brothers have turned banana cultivation in Kanakpur village near Bhawanipatna into a money-spinner and inspired others to replicate it....More
New fruit and tomato processing enterprise to be set up in Georgia[05-Sep-2007]
The enterprise - tomato processor is to established in Marneuli (Georgian region inhabited with Azerbaijani) in the nearest future, Georgia Online informs. This information was provided by Zurab Nogaideli, the Prime-Minister of Georgia, who shared the co...More
UK: flooding and blight present potato storage challenge[05-Sep-2007]
Getting a potato crop this far this season has been no mean feat. Flooding wiped out several crops, while blight did for a few more. And those crops requiring storage are far from being out of the woods yet. The heavy mid-summer rain is likely to cause pr...More
UK: Organic producers struggling with demand[05-Sep-2007]
An action plan is being drawn up for East Anglia because organic food supplies are struggling to meet demand. Annual sales of organic products have hit a record £2bn across the country, says a report out today from food watchdog the Soil Association. But...More
Good growth in banana and pineapple shipments[05-Sep-2007]
John O`Reilly, analyst at Davy Stockbrokers said the interim period recorded very good organic mid-teen volume growth in banana and pineapple shipments. `However, this growth was not enough to offset weak year-on-year green banana pricing in the period (d...More
Russia: massive loading of potato to storages will start in two weeks[05-Sep-2007]
The specialists of CIS produce business periodical, `Agrooglyad: Fruits and Vegetables` weekly inform, new potato season has started in Russia. The population has already been actively harvesting potato on fields; the professional producers just start col...More
US: farmers capitalize on transition to organic produce[05-Sep-2007]
A major fruit company has decided to convert all of its stone-fruit trees to organic farming practices, part of the ongoing push to meet consumers` insatiable demand for healthier food....More
USDA to promote exports at food show in Spain[05-Sep-2007]
The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service today announced that it will host a U.S. Foods Pavilion March 10-14, 2008, at Alimentaria in Barcelona, Spain. Held biennially, Alimentaria will be the most important food show in Spain in...More
Himachal apple growers expect bumper crop this year[05-Sep-2007]
Apple growers in Himachal Pradesh expect a bumper crop of around 350,000 metric tonnes during the 2007 crop season. Orchards across the picturesque Kullu Valley in the State, known as the apple bowl of India, are in full bloom. Although, a month is left f...More
Indian mango exports to go up[05-Sep-2007]
State Marketing Minister, Harshvardhan Patil, addressing a press conference on Sunday, said that Indian mangoes have carved out a place in the US, Japan and China and the Maharashtra State Agricultural Marketing Board (MSAMB) plans to export about 2,000 m...More
Halt restrictions on horticultural produce from Kenya, VP tells UK[24-Aug-2007]
President Moody Awori has asked the Kenya high commission in London to aggressively lobby policy makers in the United Kingdom against imposing restrictions on airlifted horticultural produce from Kenya....More
Banana plantations in Ecuador are the least productive[24-Aug-2007]
Ecuador, that according to analysts of the weekly `Agrooglyad: Vegetables and Fruits` is the main supplier of bananas to Ukrainian, Russian and other CIS countries markets, requires urgent modernization and restoration of its plantations. According to por...More
Colombia: excess production of potatoes can not be exported to Venezuela[24-Aug-2007]
Barranquilla - Growers of potatoes in the department of Boyaca (Colombia) prefer to leave potatoes on their fields rather than obtaining lower prices. This is negatively affecting the production with the apparition of plagues in the cultivation zones, dec...More
US: Local fresh fruit supply low[24-Aug-2007]
Many north side Binghamton residents are hoping their supplies of fresh fruits and vegetables will continue to be available in their neighborhood, including the North Side Farmers market....More
Philippines: Banana growers want to use ACEF for loans[24-Aug-2007]
Reprisentatives of the banana industry have asked the national government to let them use the Agriculture Competitiveness Enhancement Fund in paying the bad loans banana growers....More
UK: This year′s potato crop loss estimated at 3,300 hectares[24-Aug-2007]
The extent of losses to the 2007 potato crop from flood, waterlogging and blight is provisionally estimated at 3,300 hectares (2.6 per cent of total plantings)....More
Harvesting of potatoes and other vegetables began in farms of Leningrandskiy oblast[24-Aug-2007]
Farms of Leningradskiy oblast started to harvest potatoes and vegetables. The yield of early potato has exceed the planned index by almost 20% and accounted for 211 centner per hectar (the plan index is 173 centner per hecrar). Up to now, the crop for 2%...More
Canada: Apples hit Niagara a week early[24-Aug-2007]
Good things really do come in small packages - at least they do if you`re an apple from Niagara. With the harvest of nature`s prescription drug a week old, apple fans are feeding on fruit that`s small but sweet, thanks to the hot, dry summer. And more tha...More
Ecuador: lower temperatures affect banana production[24-Aug-2007]
Barranquilla - The province of El Oro in Ecuador is suffering once again of lower temperatures that are already affecting the banana production. Temperatures between 20 and 24 degrees in summer time are abnormal and the plant cycle changes abruptly. Harve...More
Chinese are to inspect Belgian Fruit Auction this week[24-Aug-2007]
Tholen - Pear growers are very happy these days. Their pears are fatter, smoother and sweeter than last year. They are pleased with their Polish pickers and the prices are relatively high. Furthermore, interest from abroad is higher than ever. This week,...More
Apple and pear harvest to start two or three weeks earlier[24-Aug-2007]
According to predictions by Prognosfruit this year’s apple crop in Belgium will be 2% smaller, and the pear crop 4% larger. Harvesting will get under way exceptionally early this year: on 21 August for Conference pears and the beginning of September for J...More
India: Horticulture blooms in Garden City[24-Aug-2007]
The area under horticulture cultivation, notably in Bangalore rural and urban districts, is reported to have risen by 5,000 acres during the last one year as per a review undertaken by the state`s horticulture department (SHD) and the National Horticultur...More
US: Goodbye to oranges?[24-Aug-2007]
The orange has become one of the world`s favorite fruits: In 2005, Americans ate nine million metric tons of them, and Brazilians consumed another five million. According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, the top producers of orange...More
Uganda: Horticultural farmers to benefit from Swedish market[16-Aug-2007]
Ugandan horticultural farmers could be the biggest beneficiaries of the trade opportunity developing between Uganda and Sweden....More
New Zealand: Sweet success for Kerikeri horticulturalist[16-Aug-2007]
A Kerikeri horticulturalist took second in a national fruit grower contest....More
Australia: Citrus canker campaign disappoints Qld growers[16-Aug-2007]
The campaign to help for Queensland growers affected by citrus canker has been wound up with a disappointing result. All citrus in the Emerald region had to be destroyed in 2004, costing growers over $100 million....More
Mexico: citrus and wheat farmers to receive governmental support[16-Aug-2007]
Barranquilla – The Mexican Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fishing and Food (in Spanish Sagarpa) will grant 5.8 million Mexican pesos (525,000 dollars) to producers of wheat and citrus from the southern part of Baja California....More
Apple festival highlights organically grown fruit[16-Aug-2007]
There are apples galore on this island - in fact, over 350 different varieties are grown organically. Organizers of Salt Spring Island`s ninth annual Apple Festival invite visitors to explore the island`s rich history of apples going back to 1860....More
New Zealand: Poor prospects for apple exports to Australia[16-Aug-2007]
Pipfruit New Zealand is telling apple growers to forget about exporting to Australia next year and to get on with the job of pruning their trees....More
US: Potato growers agree to merger[08-Aug-2007]
The merger of Potato Growers of Idaho with the Idaho Potato Commission cleared its final hurdle recently. PGI members approved a consolidation plan during a meeting July 16. The merger is scheduled to go into effect Aug. 31....More
UK: gene research into texture and flavour of potatoes[08-Aug-2007]
New British Potato Council-funded research is seeking to understand the mechanisms that underpin texture and flavour in potatoes. These two factors have a significant influence on consumer repeat purchases, says the BPC....More
Ukraine: Showers seriously damaged potato, carrot, and table beet harvest in Rovenska region[08-Aug-2007]
Most part of Ukraine suffers from drought and heat; at the same time, there is too much rainfall in some regions of the country. NTN informs, rainfalls seriously injured potato, carrot, and table beet harvests in the Rovenska region....More
Kyiv annually consumes fruits, vegetables, and potatoes worth $ 1.3 billion[08-Aug-2007]
According to evaluations of CIS produce business periodical, `Agrooglyad: Vegetables and Fruits`, Kyiv city, the capital of Ukraine, annually consumes more fruits, vegetables and potato than any other region of Ukraine measuring the product cost. Vegetabl...More
World Apple and Pear Association reviews latest market information on apples and pears[08-Aug-2007]
Leading representatives of the World Apple and Pear Association (WAPA) met on Thursday 2 August in Vilnius, on the eve of the opening of the Prognosfruit conference. The Association reviewed a number of important issues for the international apple and pea...More
Spanish citrus export has low access in overseas countries[08-Aug-2007]
Barranquilla – In spite of the good intentions of exporting to the so-called overseas countries (Australia, Canada, China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore and United States), the reality is showing the difficulties...More
Spain: summer fruits´ campaign shows losses of about 25 million euros[08-Aug-2007]
Barranquilla – Producers from Valencia are concerned with the decrease of the production and revenues of the current campaign in almost 50% and 54% respectively. The most affected are the nectarines with a reduction of revenues of 52% or 15 million euros....More
Frost damages show varied image in Argentina citrus production[08-Aug-2007]
Tholen - According to information provided by the Argentinian citrus federation, Federcitrus, the recent frosts left different effects in the various citrus production areas in Argentina. In Tucumán, the intensity and duration of the frost varied, accordi...More
Promising season ahead for Australian citrus in USA[31-Jul-2007]
Tholen - Australian Citrus Exporter Riversun is looking at a buoyant market for the first arrivals of import citrus. The first Leng Navels arrive in a market with hardly any import fruit available and the freeze in California is still leaving some effect...More
México: Sonora increases citrus exports to Asia[31-Jul-2007]
ogotل – Citrus farmers from Sonora increased their exports to Singapore and Japan. For the next campaign, they expect to open markets in South Korea and Indonesia, announced Julio César Corona Valenzuela, representative of the Association of Organiz...More
Marocco is Fruit Logistica 2008 partner country[20-Jul-2007]
Morocco is the partner country for Fruit Logistica 2008. The northwest African country is planning its biggest-ever appearance at the world`s leading international trade fair for fruit and vegetable marketing taking place in Berlin from 7 to 9 February. M...More
Promising season ahead for Australian citrus in USA[20-Jul-2007]
Tholen - Australian Citrus Exporter Riversun is looking at a buoyant market for the first arrivals of import citrus. The first Leng Navels arrive in a market with hardly any import fruit available and the freeze in California is still leaving some effect...More
The International Exhibition of Agriculture & Agricultural machinery[14-Jul-2007]
Pleased to inform you that the 9th International exhibition of Agriculture & Agricultural machinery and Fishing - SIAMAP’ Tunisia 2007, will be organized by the Tunisian Agricuture and Fishery Union (U.T.A.P) in Tunis from 24 to 28th October 2007....More
Philippines: China extends assistance for RP mango production[14-Jul-2007]
China has opened the opportunity for mangoes growers in Central Mindanao and other parts of the country to enter its market by providing treatment facilities for free, regional Department of Agriculture (DA) officials said....More
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